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The Mechanicals

A mockumentary about the lives of a troupe of actors who tour theatre to elementary and high schools

Montreal, QC
7.16 (83)
Video coming soon...

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An acerbic mockumentary that combines the reality of the millennial experience with bizarre surrealistic satire, The Mechanicals tells the story of a group of twenty-something actors who spend their days bringing classical theatre to elementary schools and high schools. From one of the actors being mistaken for a pedophile to getting caught up in a school shooting, these young thespians just can't catch a break. The pilot episode features the troupe at the beginning of the rehearsal process, preparing their kid-friendly production of Oedipus Rex...


Jonathan Bosco's Profile Image

Jonathan Bosco

Director, Talent

Aspiring filmmaker who delves mostly into the comedic genre, with a specific interest in the mockumentary format. Has produced a few of his own short films and is in the process of starting a web series with his good friend, Vishesh Abeyratne. Likes to base his comedy on personal experiences, adding a tongue in cheek twist to his personal experiences.

Alberto D'Onofrio's Profile Image

Alberto D'Onofrio

Director, Producer

I have been making films since high school and my favourite filmmakers are Martin Scorsese and Richard Linklater!!!

Vishesh Abeyratne's Profile Image

Vishesh Abeyratne

Writer, Talent

Actor/writer based in Montreal. Has worked in both theatre and film, with a keen interest in comedy and satire.

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Ratings (83)

Average 7.16 / 10
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Reviews (15)

  • Cyndi's Photo

    Cyndi M.
    posted 2 years ago

    Personable guys!
  • Ted's Photo

    Ted M.
    posted 2 years ago

  • Terri's Photo

    Terri M.
    posted 2 years ago

    can't wait.
  • Nino's Photo

    Nino R.
    posted 2 years ago

    can't wait to see it.
  • Helen's Photo

    Helen M.
    posted 2 years ago

  • Caroline's Photo

    Caroline B.
    posted 2 years ago

    Can't wait to see more! Thumbs up!
  • Danny's Photo

    Danny P.
    posted 2 years ago

    hilarious concept. great educational piece for the kids! LOL
  • Sarah's Photo

    Sarah c.
    posted 2 years ago

  • gina's Photo

    gina l.
    posted 2 years ago

    funny video!
  • david's Photo

    david W.
    posted 2 years ago

    That is funniest video I have ever seen..
  • Hugo's Photo

    Hugo C.
    posted 2 years ago

    This looks like it has some great potential! Looking forward to seeing more!
  • Anna's Photo

    Anna P.
    posted 2 years ago

    It's great it's funny
  • Julian's Photo

    Julian B.
    posted 2 years ago

    The filming's good, comedy's not bad, I'd say it's got great potential!
  • Christine's Photo

    Christine L.
    posted 2 years ago

    So funny! Great job!
  • christina's Photo

    christina N.
    posted 2 years ago

    Meow Purrrrrrrrrrrrr! You guys are really cute!
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