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The Biz!

No matter what they tell you, it’s NOT like in the movies...

Toronto, ON
4.07 (28)
Video coming soon...

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After his professional life falls apart, Dale turns to the only place that will take a broken shell of a man and give him status and respect -- the film industry!
The Biz! is a workplace comedy that takes place in a production office, which follows the exploits of Dale and his starry-eyed preconceptions of the film industry. It's not long before Dale's hopes and dreams are buried beneath the weight of insanity and self-loathing.
Based on the real life experiences of someone who started his adult life in one place, but through some cosmic twist of fate, ended up falling down the rabbit hole and into... The Biz!


Daniel Biagi's Profile Image

Daniel Biagi

Showrunner, Writer

I was always a writer, but I never considered working in film until it just kind of fell into my lap. Once in though, I just kept going and never looked back. Life has a funny way or taking you places you never though you'd go.

JEFF GARNEAU's Profile Image


Producer, Director

Jeff Garneau is a graduate of the film production program at York University. He has had numerous short films play at festivals all over the world and his most recent short, Erasermen was selected by TIFF as one of the top ten student made shorts in Canada in 2012.

He is currently developing two feature screenplays.

Jon Delsnyder's Profile Image

Jon Delsnyder

Writer, Marketing / Social

Jon Delsnyder is a Production Assistant working in Toronto. He wrote a short film that premiered at the TIFF Kids Film Festival and his New Girl spec was a Quarter-Finalist in Final Draft's Big Break Screenwriting Competition. His 5-year plan to win the lottery and buy an island in the south Pacific is progressing right on schedule.

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  • Daniel's Photo

    Daniel S.
    posted 2 years ago

    Animation! Good on ya!!
  • Ariana's Photo

    Ariana B.
    posted 2 years ago

    Very original! Has loads of potential
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