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The Loft

3 artists, coping with talent. Now if only talent could pay the bills.

Mississauga, ON
7.03 (167)
Congrats Top 110!
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Have you ever asked a struggling artist what keeps them going? Why don’t they just get “a real job”? Welcome to The Loft, a mockumentary-styled show where you join our 3 main characters on their individual struggles to get noticed for their talents. Enter Yonni, the wide-eyed comedian who can’t even book a spot at an open mic night. Ace, his best friend, who is tired of being a birthday party magician. And Nico, Ace’s older brother who has already achieved fame and fortune in his music career, but at the price of selling out. Nico generously agrees to take Ace and Yonni into his loft apartment, but no one is prepared for the amusement that comes from this trifecta of talent under one roof.


Adeel Shamsi's Profile Image

Adeel Shamsi

Writer, Director

Writer/Director/Actor. I've always had a passion to create entertaining pieces of art in the field of film. I've written and directed short films in the past and have also performed live stand up. I began to create such projects in my second year at UTM, about 4 years ago. My goal in this industry is and will always be to provide the world with original entertainment.

Arun Babber's Profile Image

Arun Babber

Editor, Marketing / Social

I ventured into the field of entertainment at 11 years old, when I fell in love with the art of magic. In order to promote my performance services I learned how to film, edit and post videos. I found myself becoming passionate about editing and filmmaking. I began to create all kinds of videos, from music, to weddings to comedy ideas. I'm looking forward to our project!

Lomus Babber's Profile Image

Lomus Babber

Producer, Talent

My name is Lomus Babber. I've been an entertainer my entire life, mainly in the music industry as a performer and music producer. Having experienced the artistic side of the industry, I've always had a passion to create music for TV and Theatre. This project was my calling as I had a chance to act and create the original music for our show concept.

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Ratings (167)

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Reviews (24)

  • Lomus's Photo

    Lomus B.
    posted 2 years ago

  • Mac's Photo

    Mac A.
    posted 2 years ago

    Looks like you have the startings of a Canadian "Friends" series - wish you all the luck.
  • Greg's Photo

    Greg B.
    posted 2 years ago

    I think this might have potential, and I do love magic. Not sure if there's a plan to include some ladies in the picture ... a kind of Big Bang meets Friends vibe, with a modern hip Toronto feel ... ya that sounds funny
  • Vik's Photo

    Vik M.
    posted 2 years ago

    The concept of the film is what has me pretty intrigued. Hopefully the character building won't take a back seat if this project continues on the competition, Wish you all the best.
  • Kate's Photo

    Kate S.
    posted 2 years ago

    You guys definitely have something good and hope you get far!!
  • Jason's Photo

    Jason D.
    posted 2 years ago

    I'm into seeing more of this.
  • brianne's Photo

    brianne C.
    posted 2 years ago

    Concept and acting is great, comedy needs a bit polishing. i would also recommend marketing more extensively. Definitely has potential though!
  • Ildi's Photo

    Ildi X.
    posted 2 years ago

    Show is very entertaining and fresh. The dynamic the 3 characters is impressive - im already hyped to see how things will play out!
  • Susan's Photo

    Susan H.
    posted 2 years ago

  • Hannah's Photo

    Hannah M.
    posted 2 years ago

    looks much better than the other one about roommates, lol
    good job guys !
  • Baylee's Photo

    Baylee M.
    posted 2 years ago

    This looks really good. I could definitely see this show going somewhere. This teaser already shows two qualities of a great show; big dreams and best friends. I really hope to see this on tv.
  • Shahad's Photo

    Shahad J.
    posted 2 years ago

    I think this has a lot of great potential and I am excited to see what these guys have in store!
  • Riccardo's Photo

    Riccardo N.
    posted 2 years ago

  • Pulkit's Photo

    Pulkit R.
    posted 2 years ago

    this tripod is such a fun ricksaw - ride it all the way back to the loft !!!
  • Ankita's Photo

    Ankita K.
    posted 2 years ago

    Such an awesome concept! I would definitely watch this show.
  • Rahim's Photo

    Rahim M.
    posted 2 years ago

    3 Talented Canadian Characters!
  • Bonnie's Photo

    Bonnie C.
    posted 2 years ago

    I like the concept. Great characters.
  • Amanda's Photo

    Amanda L.
    posted 2 years ago

    Sounds like a pretty funny concept. I would absolutely watch this!
  • Brandon's Photo

    Brandon D.
    posted 2 years ago

    Why can't I binge watch 5 seasons of this yet?! That's my criticism.
  • Patrick's Photo

    Patrick V.
    posted 2 years ago

    Gave me a good laugh. I'm looking forward to seeing more!
  • dhali's Photo

    dhali w.
    posted 2 years ago

    1:30 was not enough! Hopefully get to see more regardless if the show makes it through here or another platform.
  • Dez's Photo

    Dez L.
    posted 2 years ago

    Very well done! I want to see more. It came together great and was funny!
  • Arun's Photo

    Arun B.
    posted 2 years ago

    Hilarious guys! Wikid music too
  • Micah's Photo

    Micah M.
    posted 2 years ago

    Well done guys, video has a great flow to it!
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