CBC ComedyCoup gave audiences the power to accelerate their favourite comedy show concepts and talent towards $500K in production financing and a half-hour special for CBC prime time. For 10 weeks comedy creators from across Canada created hilarious videos and artwork to help develop and package their projects. They advanced towards $500 through voting and social support from fans around the world!

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CBC ComedyCoup may be over, but there’s still a half hour comedy special that’s on its way to CBC prime time in 2015 and we’ve got to produce that sh*t! For the latest updates on what’s happening with our 9 optioned projects, sign up!

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Denniss Avatar
Dennis 14   posted 1 week ago on Week #9 "The Big Deal" HumanTown

Dead chuffed at this knockout lads! Really liked the revelation of the baby/demon killing priest! Keep it up lads, layer it like Python!!!!

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